Burning Bikes

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There's something poetic about art bikes on the playa. Dust, motion and... creative-temporal-spatial freedom. This tribe is here for those Burners who love their art bikes on - and off - the desert expanse. We're also seeking out and creating art bike culture in many other places around the world too ;)

"Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world." ~Grant Petersen RSS Feed what is XML?

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SF Bay Area
Scratchbuilding  topic
Making art from old bike parts  topic
Meet local singles &bikers for dating  topic
Art Bike option for those without lots of time.  topic
WANTED Art Bike for Burning Man 2012  topic
Trike Boom Box Construction  topic
bike repair on the playa  topic
Stolen art bikes  topic
2 Playa Bikes Needed  topic
EL wire batteries, battery life. Help needed/of...  topic
what should I build  topic
Trike vs. a cruiser bike?  topic
Sidecar taxi bike  photo flag
Electric Bikes on the Playa...approved...maybe....  topic
Should i leave my new Electra cruiser at home?  topic
Playa bike shop 2010???  topic
Burning Bike Racks or Design Thoughts Needed  topic
Bike Shop @ BRC?  topic
Playa Chopper Bikes for sale  topic
Playa Chopper Bike 2  photo flag
Playa Chopper Bike 1  photo flag
Pugsley Frame for 4" Tires  topic
Pink Fur Bike  photo flag
I need a funky tall bike for BM  topic
A question of buying wheel small wheels  topic

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